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Photo: Fighting Giraffes at Kariega

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Kariega - Photo of the Week 

We love this photo taken by Kariega ranger, Jacques Matthysen of two fighting male giraffes.  

The giraffe species is not known for being overly touchy, although recent research suggests that females do form close friendship bonds with other females. Despite that, giraffes hardly touch each other except during nursing and when males fight for the favour of a female in oestrous.

During a giraffe fight, the two males lean against each other in a struggle for power. If they are evenly matched, this pushing may be followed by blows from the neck. When dominance is established, the weaker of the two usually retreats but in extreme and rare cases the fighting can result in death of the weaker male. 

Thanks to Jacques for sharing with us. If you have any special Kariega moments to share, please find us on our Facebook page

Jacques Matthysen Giraffe Fighting Kariega Game Reserve Eastern Cape