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Photo: Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon

Jone Haesslich
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Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon at Kariega Game Reserve

Chameleons are a fascinating type of lizard. There are approximately 160 species that come in a range of colours, most with the amazing ability to change colour. Chameleons have the most incredible eyes which are separately mobile and give them 360-degree vision. They also have wonderful quick-shooting tongues and unusual five-toed feet.

Kariega Game Reserve is home to the beautiful southern dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion ventrale) which occurs only in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is also known as the eastern Cape dwarf chameleon. They are a relatively large species of dwarf chameleon and grow up to 14 cm. You'll find them in dense bushes and are thus very difficult to spot.

This picture of the southern dwarf chameleon was taken by ranger Tayla Jane McCurdy on a recent game drive.

Southern Dwarf Chameleon Kariega Tayla Mc Curdy