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Monkey Business on our Game Reserve


There are only a few species of Old World monkeys found in South Africa. Two of these, the vervet monkey and the Chacma baboon, live in the wild at Kariega Game Reserve.

The vervet monkey, as seen in this video, with its silvery-grey coat and black face, is often seen at Kariega Game Reserve. The video shows a number of different behaviours that entertain safari guests.

Vervet Monkeys are Intelligent Opportunists

Vervet monkeys live in troops made up of a number of males and females with their young, but only one dominant male. They are primarily herbivores, living mostly on wild fruits, flowers and vegetation. They also eat insects and eggs.

Vervet monkeys are highly intelligent animals and opportunists in their search for food. They sometimes cause havoc if they get into the dining area, suites or chalets. Please make sure that you close your windows when you go out.

Share your Kariega Game Reserve Monkey Story

Each sighting of vervet monkeys at Kariega Game Reserve is unique, but you can be assured that it is always full of playful mischief and entertainment!

Did you experience any monkey business while on safari at Kariega Game Reserve? We would love to hear from you. Please share your experience, pictures or video our Facebook page, email or post a comment below.