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Local Matrics Get a Helping Hand

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Every weekend from the 16th of September to the 27th of November this year, local Matrics have traveled to Woody Cape to attend a camp for content gap students. Content gaps occur when students have not been taught the curriculum for various reasons, including the termination of temporary teachers which left some schools without a proper staff for two school terms this year. 

As a result of poor mid year results, district officials met with the principals of a number of local high schools including Ikamvalesizwe, Nompucuko, Ukhanyo, Kuyasa and Nomzano. A decision was made to share human resources during weekend camps at Woody Cape. Essentially this meant that over the weekend content gap students would receive intensive training by educators from other schools. Where some schools might be short of science and maths teachers, for example, other schools might be short of accounting teachers, and so by bringing together both teachers and children from all the schools, local matrics were given the chance they deserved.

Other than addressing the issue of skipped curriculum, Woody Cape Camp was a means of removing children from their home environments where they would often be in high risk situations. At Woody Cape, students were given the chance to focus on the order of the day, and teachers were able to assess students and assign homework. 

Kariega's role in transporting the Ikamvalesizwe students to and from Woody Cape each weekend has been but a small part in giving these children a real chance to complete their schooling. From everybody at Kariega we would like to commend all those officials, principals and teachers who helped in the conceptualization and organisation of the camp, and for putting in all those hours every single weekend. We were proud to be part of such an initiative and we truly take our hats off to you. To the Matrics we wish you the very best of luck for your results!

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