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Lions feed after hunt at Kariega

Jone Haesslich
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Kariega lions feed after hunting down a Blesbok 

This week’s video blog was taken by Yvonne van Tol who recently spent time with us on safari at Kariega Game Reserve to celebrate her anniversary. The video features a somewhat grisly scene of the lion pride feasting after a hunt. This is a great safari experience but certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Yvonne had the following to say about the sighting: “We recently celebrated our anniversary in Kariega Game Reserve and took this video while on our first game drive. 3 lions went hunting, one female caught a blesbok and separately this male and female feasted on this poor animal. It’s a bit graphic but it does show why the Lion is King of the Jungle. Would've made more video's had I had more memory cards on me for all the game drives were just as spectacular.”

Thank you Yvonne for sharing, we are glad you had a good time on your safari game drives and hope to see you again on the reserve in the near future!