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Lion vs Elephant: Who is The King of the Jungle?


Lion and elephant are both respected members of the Big 5. Lions are fearsome, carnivorous predators and elephant are family orientated herbivores. However when up close with these gentle giants their enormous bulk and sharp tusks appear terribly fearsome!

Is the Lion King of the Jungle?

Traditionally the lion has been crowned King of the Jungle, but when one observes a lion and elephant encounter in the African wild it is clear to see that King lion has a healthy respect for elephant. It might even be suggested that lion is a little scared of elephant as is beautifully captured by ranger Chelee in this photograph.

Lion will Prey on Elephant Calves

Lion will usually avoid adult elephant, and attack youngsters only if they have become separated from the herd. However, some prides have learned how to take down full-grown adults under dire circumstances when other food sources are scarce. One documented kill in Botswana saw a pride of twenty-six lions kill an adult elephant cow.

Caption ranger Chelee’s Photo

We had a bit of fun on our Facebook page and asked viewers to caption ranger Chelee’s extraordinary photograph. The responses were so good we just had to share them. Leave a comment below with your favourite or email

Art Ryan: “Who did you say the king was pussycat?”
Dick Schuurman: “Will the real king of the jungle stand up.”
Sharon Fleet: “Does this mean… I’m not invited for dinner?”
Katrice Thomas Leach: “Can’t we all just get along?”
Victoria Martin: “Watch out wide load coming through.”
Vee Dench: “That’s right, leave like you always do when we disagree… sniff.”
Margie Trandem: Elle is thinking “you better pack a lunch Mr. Lion.”
Charlie Anderson: “Don’t push your luck Leo.”
Nicky Skipp: “I see you baby, shakin that ass!!”