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Leopard Project October 2011

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We've come to the end of our third three-month cycle with no sign of any leopards, but will hopefully have more luck with the next study sites selected for November – January. Unfortunately only eight of our ten cameras obtained results this month, but all 10 should be up and running for our next cycle.

The specie most often caught on camera was wildebeest (59), followed by zebra (55), jackal (31) and giraffe (25). The wildebeest, zebra and giraffe have large populations on the reserve and occur in all three areas of the reserve where the cameras can be found. The high amount of jackals caught on camera may be as a result of the bait traps. The species caught least often were the African wild cat, lion, monkey, red spurfowl and spotted hyena, there was only one photo taken of each of these species. 

For more information and graphs, download the full report below.

October Leopard Report.doc