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Leopard Project May 2011

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In 2010 the Kariega Leopard Research Project was launched by the Kariega Foundation, in conjunction with the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme, and in collaboration with the Centre for African Conservation Ecology of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Our research objective is to discover the population status of leopards in the Lower Albany Area, as well as to establish the role Kariega Game Reserve has played as a key habitat refuge.

The project is currently headed by Justine Ingram – coordinator of the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme – who, with the help of the university and Kariega volunteers, has been placing trap cameras on the reserve in a bid to identify individual leopards frequenting Kariega as well as to establish the approximate number of leopards in the area, and assess prey abundance.

For more information on the current status of the project, download the full report below. 

May Leopard Report.doc