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KARIEGA features in GETAWAY blog - Curiosity kills the cat

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Kariega Game Reserve South Africa recently featured in an interesting article published on the online Getaway blog, "Curiosity kills the Cat: The Future of Leopards". The article outlines the very precarious as well as mysterious ecology of the leopard, and tells the heartbreaking story of a young male leopard recently found dead near a very busy road outside Johannesburg.

The article also differentiates between the northern leopard, a larger variation of leopard found in South African game parks in the northern part of southern Africa, and the Cape leopard - a smaller "sub-species" that can be found in both the Western and Eastern Cape, including at Kariega Game Reserve South Africa. These Cape leopards are very rare and difficult to track due to their ability to navigate over game park boundaries and fences. They can also have a very large territory of up to 1000 square kilometres.

Kariega Game Reserve South Africa has set up trap cameras all over the reserve in order to capture footage of and ultimately and to aid in the wildlife conservation of these elusive creatures, by tracking the numbers and individuals in the Albany area and investigating the role of Kariega Game Reserve as a key habitat refuge.