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June 2011 Newsletter

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Thanks to all this lovely rain we’ve been getting all the rivers are flowing again and all the dams are full, we even have a few new dams.

Img 0024

How wonderful to see everything so green and lush again. There are even two new waterfalls!

Img 0087

Img 0082

Of course with all this rain some roads have been washed away completely, like second river crossing shown below.

Img 0091

The rangers report a lot of aardwolf sightings, some even in broad daylight, which is rare for these shy creatures. Unfortunately, they don’t stay around long enough for any pics.
We have another baby elephant – here he is under the watchful eye of mom. 

New Baby Elllie
Picture by Matt

Some of the hippos decided it was time to visit the dam at reception! Scary, especially since it was a mother and her young one, hope she stays in a good mood.

The student program caught this water-mongoose on one of their trap cameras, nice to know they are around.

Cdy 0003

That is it for now. Stay dry and enjoy!!