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January 2011 Newsletter

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Welcome to the New Year!

Some more wild orchids have been identified on the reserve, the Mystacidium capense was photographed on 2007-05-03 but was only identified this month - enjoy!

 Mg 0003

This (Eulophia clavicornis) little yellow beauty was identified incorrectly in November as Eulophia speciosa, so for the flower fanatics here's some labelled pics to clear that up!

Img 0316


This white flower (Habenaria epipactidea) has recently been photographed and identified. We are enjoying these beautiful flowers for they do not last very long and may not be seen again for years to come.

Img 0024

As promised, here's a pic of the Christmas rhino - an adorable baby boy. 

Img 0390

Surprise, surprise we have another baby elephant!! The sex can not yet be confirmed but here it is, loving and curious, like all babies and of course close to mother’s side.

Img 0139