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Helping Rhinos - Youtube video

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Helping Rhinos is a non profit organisation intent on creating awareness of the issues threatening the global rhino population and raising funds to help protect them for future generations. The video entitled 'Rhino Crisis' features Thandi's story on Kariega Game Reserve South Africa, as well as the organisations time spent on the Mofemedi Rhino project in Limpopo, South Africa.  

Thandi's story began with a terrible poaching incident involving three Kariega rhino. Following this, the Kariega Foundation launched the Save the Rhino fund with the immediate goals of caring for two of the three rhino's which survived the attack. Sadly, one of the survivors did not make it but we were blessed with the survival of Thandi - a now healthy, happy, albeit scarred rhino. For more information on Thandi's story, you can visit our dedicated blog page chronicling her ordeal and recovery as told by wildlife veterinarian, Dr William Fowlds.

Kariega has been blessed with a lot of support, and a great thank you to Simon for creating and sharing this video with us, and also to everyone at Helping Rhinos for their hard work and efforts against rhino poaching.

If you have any videos you would like to share with us, please feel free to post them onto the Kariega Game Reserve Facebook page, or email your link to