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Great close up footage of rhino Thandi in May 2013

Jone Haesslich

Close-up of Thandi, poached rhino survivor at Kariega

Our last video blog was also taken by Marjolein Westerterp from her time spent with us in May 2013 and featured the lion pride at Kariega. In this video Marjolein showcases some great quality footage of our brave rhino and poaching survivor, Thandi. She comes right up to the vehicle, showing some definite interest in the safari group before trotting off to the waterhole. This is fairly rare due to the fact that the Kariega rhino are very familiar and comfortable with the safari vehicles, so barely spare us glance. In this short video, Thandi walks right past the vehicle allowing some great close up footage of her face as she was in May before her wound re-opened in June 2013.

The title of the video on Youtube is “Thandi, symbool van hoop & liefde” which in English means “Thandi, symbol of hope and love.” Thank you Marjolein for sharing this special clip with us.

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