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Five Fascinating Elephant Photos and Facts

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Kariega Game Reserve is a paradise for African elephants and our safari guests and rangers experience many memorable moments with these gentle giants – as is depicted in this series of five fascinating facts and photographs.

Five Fascinating Elephant Photos and Facts

1. A newborn human baby weighs around three kilograms (7 lbs) and takes 12-18 months to learn to walk. A newborn elephant weighs up to 120 kg (260 lbs) and walks a few hours after it is born.

Baby Elephant at Kariega by Hannah Morrison

2. The trunk is the elephants most important and useful body part. It is able to sensitively pick up a single blade of grass or rip a branch off a tree with a brute force.

Elephant Trunk by Urban Madison

3. Elephants spray themselves with dust to protect their skin from the sun. Ideally they like to swim first and then spray themselves with dust to form a muddy crust.

Elephant having a dust bath at Kariega by Kelly Valentine Johnsen

4. An elephant's tusks are modified incisor teeth. An adult males tusks will grow about 20 cm (7 inches) a year. They are used to dig, debark, clear paths and fight if necessary.

Elephant Tusks by Brendan Jennings

5. Elephants are intelligent and can show human-like behaviour and emotions including grief, compassion, affection and playfulness.

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With thanks to Kariega guests and field guides for the photographs: Guest Hannah Morrison, Urban Madison, Kelly Valentine Johnsen, Brendon Jennings