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First Glimpse of Rhino Thandi’s New Calf


Rangers and guests at Kariega Game Reserve were given their first glimpse of rhino Thandi's new calf just as the sun was setting on Sunday evening. Ranger Daniel managed to capture the mum and baby rhino on video and we are delighted share the magical experience with the world!

This first sighting came just a few days after poaching-survivor Thandi's calf was born on 24 January 2017. Everyone at Kariega was humbled by Thandi's generosity and trust in us. We are waiting for wildlife vet Dr. William Fowlds to confirm the calf’s sex before we name him or her.

Rhino Thandi Calf January 2017

How Often do Female Rhinos Generally Produce Calves?

On average a female rhino will produce a calf every two and a half to five years. Thandi’s second calf was born on 24 January 2017, just over two years after her first miracle calf Thembi was born on 13 January 2015. This earns Thandi the status of a Rhino-Super-Mom!

Many people around the world were inspired to action by Thandi and all their united efforts ensured her survival and protection. Thandi now sends an incredibly strong message back to us all:

Together we are stronger than the poachers and we will win this war on poaching. Rhino’s and all endangered animals on earth can thrive again. Our efforts will be worth it.

Thank you Thandi.

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