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Cute rhino calf playing withThandi at Kariega


Touching Rhino interaction between calf and Thandi at Kariega

Today is World Rhino Day - a good day to share this adorable rhino calf video.

Taken in May 2013, featuring a rhino calf mock charging our beloved Thandi, as well as charging the game drive vehicle itself! This special baby girl was born in March, exactly one year after Kariega rhino’s Thandi, Themba and bull #84 were poached. The calf’s mother and Thandi are great companions, so of course Thandi and the new calf spend a lot of time together and share a special bond.

We absolutely love this video taken by Gary McDermott who spent time at Kariega in May this year. This rhino calf seems to have a lot of character and it’s great to have captured on film for us all to see! Thanks for sharing Gary, we hope you had a great time at Kariega and hope to see you again in the near future.

Happy Rhino Day to all!

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