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Conservation Volunteers Testimonial Jan-Feb 2009

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Kariega Game Reserve Conservation Volunteer Testimonials Jan-Feb 2009

We can’t believe our time here is over, it only feels like 2-3 weeks and not a single day repeated! Here are some of our highlights:Slowly learning all the different types of animals and how they and the environment interact and depend on each other. Learning to appreciate birds more, Jacques taught us that safari is about the experience and not just about finding the Big 5; First sighting of the elephants … fantastic; Playing chicken with the Cape buffalo!; Lions killing baby warthog; Lions roaring at night – very intimidating!; Harvestvale – what a fantastic place; Night camping and star watching; Beach Trek; The partial eclipse; Our vehicle breaking down on a night drive with the lions on the hunt not more than about 500 meters away (Jacques got us out and pushing!); The beauty of watching our biggest enemy, the alien Black Wattle, fall after you hit it about 1000 times with a slab of metal. Words can’t say how much this unique experience is due to our volunteer coordinator. Both Sarah and I want to say thank you so much for all the effort you went to on our behalf. We wish you all the best.

- Mark Wiggins & Sarah Gainford, 20 January – 17 February 2009