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Brave Wilderness: River Dragon

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In March 2018 we hosted passionate conservationist and popular YouTuber, Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew at Kariega Game Reserve.  The team was in search of river dragons (better known as Nile monitor lizards) and we were fortunate to have a hands-on encounter with one.

This wildlife adventure required both skill and luck to catch and film the lizard in its natural habitat. We were very fortunate that the multiple moving parts worked together including the weather, the boat skipper, Coyote's snare skills, the film crew and a surprised water monitor lizard. Please note that this interaction was an exception for the film crew as we do not permit any guests to touch wildlife on safari.

Who is Coyote Peterson and Brave Wilderness?

With over 12 million YouTube subscribers, the Brave Wilderness channel is one of the biggest and fastest growing Environmental Education/Adventure YouTube channels. The team includes Coyote Peterson, Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa who travel all over the world to bring their fans wild adventures and animal encounters.

Five Interesting River Dragon Facts

  1. The Nile monitor lizard is Africa's largest lizard and usually grow between 120 to 220 cm (3 ft 11 in to 7 ft 3 in) in length.
  2. These lizards are diurnal hunters, meaning that they are active during the day as they need the heat of the sun to become active. They feed on fish, frogs, birds and other reptiles. Sometimes even digging for eggs and grubs in the ground.
  3. As a defense mechanism the monitor lizard will use it's powerful tail to whip, bite and scratch with their super sharp claws.
  4. Their muscular tail is used as a rudder to swim.
  5. Lizards can fall prey to predators like larger monitor lizards, crocodiles, jackals, snakes and birds of prey like fish eagles and ospreys.

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We were honoured to host the Brave Wilderness team at Kariega Game Reserve and explore our beautiful wilderness with them. The team filmed some epic episodes at Kariega including:

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