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Blogger Shares Memories of Kariega Safari

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We were delighted to come across Kariega guest and blogger Mark Hannigan’s informative review of his family’s safari to Kariega Game Reserve in December 2015. Mark is based in the UK and records his memoirs and opinions on life, cars, soccer, travel and so much more on his blog:

This was not Mark's first safari experience, but it was his first safari with his family and he was most excited about seeing the look on daughters, Sam and Lucy’s, faces when they arrived. “They really did not know what they were about to experience!” he says.

Multitude of Wild Animals Kariega Safari Highlight

The multitude of wild animals Mark and his family saw at Kariega were undoubtedly the highlight of his trip. He writes: “There is no real way to describe what you see. It is simply amazing. I really cannot put it into words! Giraffe, elephants, lions, blesbok, springbok, jackal pups,  tortoise, warthogs, rhino and so much more, all in a natural environment.” Mark also recorded his experience in the video above.

Privilege To Share Kariega Safari Experience

It is a real privilege for us to share our safari experience and make such unforgettable memories with our guests. It is a true pleasure to go on and read about and view their memories through their words and images. Mark thank you so much for sharing your experience. Please visit us again.

Read Marks full blog, it's worth it!