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August 2011 Newsletter

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Spring is in the air and baby animals are showing up all over the place. As you all know we had a new buffalo baby arriving last month and here is the promised pic!

Buffalo Baby

Another new arrival to the reserve is a baby hippo, caught on camera while snoozing in the sun with mum and big sister.

Hippo Baby

Some other new arrivals at Kariega West this month were three bat-eared foxes, two females and a male. Luckily some of the rangers were at the release with their cameras and Matt got these lovely photographs of these very shy small foxes.

Bateared Fox1

Bateared Fox2

Photos by Matt

On the feathered side of things, there has been sightings and sounds of migratory birds returning as well as some ‘new’ birds in the area, like the African black sparrow hawk and a black stork, not birds usually found in this area. The Claases cuckoo has been calling it’s little heart out to announce the change of season. Not forgetting all the spoonbills that have been gracing the reception dams - so nice to see up to 7 or 8 of these unique birds all in one area.

Some interesting photographs came through from the trap cameras, all of which were taken at Harvestvale. So happy to know that some hyena are still around and that there is more than one honey badger. Thanks for sharing these amazing images with us, Justine.

Cdy 0102

Cdy 0014

That is it for now folks, happy spring time and more on the animals of Kariega next month.