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Animal Face-Off: Rhino vs Elephant


Guest Jan-Niklas Wedig took this amazing photo of an elephant and white rhino face-off on the savannah plains of Kariega Game Reserve. Neither of these animals are carnivorous or aggressive in nature, but if they were to have a scuffle, who do you think would win? Let’s look at the facts.

Elephant vs Rhino Animal Face-Off

Elephant are much bigger and heavier. An adult bull elephant is on average 3.2 metres (10.8 ft) tall and weighs approximately 6 tonnes (12,228 pounds). The male white rhino seems small in comparison with an average height of 1.8 m (6 ft) and weight of 2,300 kg (5,100 pounds).

Both animals can attack with brute force, have incredible stamina and are equally intelligent – which is perhaps why they don’t typically fight!

The elephant would use its tusks and feet to attack but the rhino would possibly have the upper hand. A rhino can run at up to 50 km/h. With this considerable speed and agility the rhino would be able to strike first with it’s incredibly sharp horn of solid keratins. The elephant would struggle to recover from a direct hit, particularly if the rhino managed to penetrate it’s under belly.

So, we would be bet on rhino! What about you? Email your answer to or add it in the comments below.