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Albino or Leucistic Blesbuck?

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Ranger Chelee captured this photograph of something that is not often seen on safari. This baby blesbuck was either albino or leucistic. Albinism is the lack of all pigment including fur, eyes and nose while leucism refers to the lack of only fur pigment.

Chelee says, “The mum would not allow us to get close, so I could not confirm if this baby was albino or leucistic. It was as if the mother knew that her baby was different and she had to be extra careful.”

Albino and Leucistic Wild Animals Struggle to Survive

Albino and leucistic animals struggle to survive in the wild, as was the case with this little blesbuck. Chelee reports that it did not survive long and most likely died from natural predation by a jackal. Wild animals rely heavily on camouflage for survival, this little guy was pure white and could spotted for quite a distance away.

As much as we would have loved to see this baby blesbuck grow up and thrive mother nature had other plans. Survival of the fittest ensures a natural balance and order is maintained.

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