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Aardwolf: 5 Interesting Facts


Kariega Aarvark Jacques Matthysen

Five Interesting Facts about Aardwolves

  1. An aardwolves diet consists almost exclusively of termites. It can eat up to 300,000 termites per night. Maggots and other invertebrates with soft bodies are occasionally consumed. An aardwolf has a very long and sticky tongue.
  2. An aardwolf is a nocturnal creature (active during the night) but once winter comes it will conserve energy by sleeping at night and feeding during the day.
  3. Aardwolves are monogamous animals (one couple mate for a lifetime). Mating season takes place in the June and July.
  4. Aardwolf in Afrikaans means “earth wolf”.
  5. Aardwolves live in underground burrows. Even though they can dig a hole in a ground using their claws, aardwolves prefers abandoned burrows of other animals such as aardvarks and porcupines.

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