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Video: Brown Hyena Release at Kariega

Jone Haesslich

Eastern Cape Game Reserve Conservation Update

This brown hyena female was released at Kariega Game Reserve after she was captured by a local farmer. Fortunately the farmer called the reserve instead of shooting the animal to protect his livestock. The female will join the other hyenas on the 10,000 ha Eastern Cape wilderness area as part of the conservation programme.

The brown hyena is found in five countries in southern and southwest Africa, including South Africa. As you can see in the video brown hyenas have long shaggy dark brown coats, pointed ears, a short tail and brown and white striped legs. Adults have a cream-colored fur ruff around their necks. 

Brown hyenas are listed as near threatened on the IUCN Red List and there are estimated to be less than 10,000 animals in the wild. Their most significant threat is being shot by farmers. Farmers who find brown hyenas scavenging on livestock carcasses often wrongly assume that hyenas have killed the animals. Fortunately this was not the case in this situation and we are pleased to add another female to the growing clan of brown hyena at Kariega.

Were you fortunate enough to see a brown or spotted hyena while on safari at Kariega? We would love to see your photographs. Share them with us by posting them onto our Facebook page.