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Top 10 Safari Animal Collective Names

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Have you ever heard these collective nouns used to describe various groups of wild animals? We were recently discussing them while on a safari drive at Kariega and I was amazed at how apt they were at describing the visual imagery one experiences when viewing these amazing wild animals on safari.

  1. A dazzle of zebra
  2. A crash of rhino
  3. A prickle of porcupine
  4. A congress of baboons
  5. A memory of elephant
  6. A tower of giraffe (when seen standing still)
  7. A journey of giraffe (when seen on the move)
  8. A bloat of hippopotamuses
  9. A sulk of foxes 
  10. An implausibility of wildebeest

The last one is our favourite and we were debating the origins. Do you think it comes from the vast number of wildebeest seen during the migration, or from the implausibility of comprehending such an odd looking animal!

We love this photograph of a journey of giraffe. I'm sure you'll agree it is a perfect way to describe giraffes on the move. Photo thanks to ranger Chelee.

Journey Giraffe Kariega

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