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Thandi the Rhino - Photos May 2014

Kariega Rhino Thandi May2014 3Rhinos are one of the few megaherbivores (plant-eaters that weigh more than 900 kilograms or 2,000 pounds) still alive. Recently their numbers have been dramatically reduced with the increase of poaching. Poachers killed over 1,000 rhinos in South Africa during 2013 and 376 have been reportedly killed by poachers this year. We simply cannot allow them to become extinct.

Photo: Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon

Southern Dwarf Chameleon Kariega Tayla Mc CurdyChameleons are a fascinating type of lizard. There are approximately 160 species that come in a range of colours, most with the amazing ability to change colour. Kariega is home to the beautiful southern dwarf chameleon which occurs only in the Eastern Cape

Close-up Rhino Eye

Rhino Close Up Horn Kariega Game Reserve Peter MillsLast week's photo of the week touched on the beauty of our own human gaze, but what of the rhino gaze and the gaze of every living creature we are lucky to encounter?

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