Photo of the Week

Secretary Bird in Eastern Cape Wilderness

secretary bird at kariega by chelee brown feb 2015This fascinating bird is said to have received its name Secretary Bird from the crest of long feathers at the back of its head. The story goes that these look like the long quill pens that the olden day secretaries had tucked behind their ears or in their hair.

How Often do Giraffes Drink?

giraffe at kariega by jacques matthysenHaving a drink of water tends to be somewhat challenging when you are over 4m tall! In order to get to the water giraffe have to spread their front legs at awkward angles, leaving them in a rather vulnerable position to predators such as lion.

Photo: Zebra at Kariega

Kariega Zebra Sharon Pankhurst March2015Kariega is fortunate to be home to many healthy herds of zebra. Our guests are spoilt with scenes of these striking animals. They make for great photographic moments. Here are a few of our favourite zebra pictures from the last few months.

Photo: Birds in Black and White

Kariega Egret DhAt Kariega we are fortunate to have highly qualified and skilled guides who go out of their way for guests. Spending so much of their time in the wilderness surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna many of them have become adept at capturing fantastic action on their cameras.

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