Photo: Zebra at Kariega

Kariega Zebra Sharon Pankhurst March2015Kariega is fortunate to be home to many healthy herds of zebra. Our guests are spoilt with scenes of these striking animals. They make for great photographic moments. Here are a few of our favourite zebra pictures from the last few months.

Photo: Birds in black and white

Kariega Egret DhAt Kariega we are fortunate to have highly qualified and skilled guides who go out of their way for guests. Spending so much of their time in the wilderness surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna many of them have become adept at capturing fantastic action on their cameras.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Kariega?

Wifi2We provide free access to Wi-Fi at all five lodges at Kariega Game Reserve. However, Wi-Fi is not available in the suites or chalets. Wi-Fi can only be accessed in the lodge and reception areas. This may come as a bit of a shock to those accustomed to access at all times! To help you prepare for time away from electronic devices we have compiled a list of 13 things to do without Wi-Fi while on safari at Kariega.

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