Video: Brown hyena release at Kariega

AKariega Brown Hyena Sept2014 brown hyena female was released at Kariega Game Reserve after she was captured by a local farmer. Fortunately the farmer called the reserve instead of shooting the animal to protect his livestock. The female will join the clan of brown hyenas on our Eastern Cape wilderness area.

Video: Why do rhino calves eat poo?

Kariega YoutubeThis video shows Thembi (Hope), a four month old white rhino calf, feeding on her mother's dung. The Kariega ranger explains that the calf is eating the dung to get useful microorganisms. These are needed to help her digest grass once she is weaned from her mother's milk.

Meeting Thandi and Thembi

M Whitehead Kariega 02500My first sight of Thandi and Tembi was a very moving experience, knowing all this brave rhino mom has been through. Mix this in with a huge dollop of joy at seeing her healthy little one suckling greedily while ma grazed away calmly and you find your emotions on a real rollercoaster.

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