Lion kill in the Eastern Cape

Kariega Lionkill6 Keith Carney SeptemberGuest Keith Carney was privileged to watch and photograph a pride of lions in action while on safari at Kariega Game Reserve. He shared the following photographs and his account of the event with us.

Kariega wins 2014 award for excellence in guiding

Fgasa Frontier Award 2014 KariegaWe are proud to announce that Kariega was recently awarded the 2014 Frontier Award for Excellence in Nature Guiding in the Eastern Cape. This accolade recognizes that the Kariega guiding team has the highest average guiding qualifications compared to all other Eastern Cape private game reserves.

Safari in Spring: Flowering Coral Trees

Kariega Coraltree Rebecca Harker 4 Sept2013The Coral trees (Erythrina lysistemon) have burst into a colourful mass of red flowers at Kariega, showing that spring is well underway in South Africa. The flowers look even more spectacular on the bare branches of the deciduous trees. The dazzling flowers make it one of the best known and widely grown trees in South Africa.

Kariega welcomes rhino calf

Kariega Rhinocalf Daniel Oct2014 WalkingKariega is pleased to be the custodians of a new white rhino calf born on the reserve just a few days after World Rhino Day and a few days ahead of the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. We are fully aware of the huge responsibility that we have to keep the calf safe and protected from the scourge of rhino poaching.

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