Thandi and Themba

Inspired by Thandi: Dr Will Fowlds

Will Fowlds RhinoIt is fitting that our last story of how Thandi has inspired positive action is from wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds. Dr Fowlds was called on the morning of 2 March 2012 when our team found that three rhinos had been poached at Kariega. Since then he has shared the story of Thandi, Themba and Bull #84 around the world to generate awareness and raise funds for the protection and conservation of rhino. We are grateful to work with this kind, talented and passionate man.

Rhino Run: Inspired by Thandi

Img 5666The Rhino Run mission is to raise awareness and funds through the South African and global trail running community for the war on rhino poaching. Read about how Thandi has insiped action!

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