Kariega Elephants feature in RangerDiaries video

Jone Haesslich
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We love this video featuring the elephants of the Eastern Cape, featuring the Kariega Game Reserve elephant herd, as well as elephant on the close-by game reserve, Addo Elephant Park.

Like all elephant herds, the Kariega herd is a close-knit one. One of the most important, perhaps primary reason that elephants form herds is the protection of their young. Because much of elephant behavioiur is learned, calves need a fairly long time to be taught their survival and life skills. Additionally, and unlike their elders, due to their size in the first 5 years or so, claves are extremely vulnerable to predators. If a threat is detected a loud trumpet will be sounded and the elder elephants will then form a protective circle around the younger and vulnerable members of the herd.

This video was taken by Mario Moreno of RangerDiaries.