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Everything in nature exists in perfect harmony and balance.

Kariega Game Reserve and the Kariega Foundation aspire to emulate a similar and mutually beneficial balance and harmony between commercial success and stability; community collaboration and activation; and sustainable wildlife management and conservation.

The Kariega Foundation is fuelled by a community and conservation levy paid by adult guests visiting Kariega Game Reserve, making all safari guests and the Kariega Game Reserve owners, management and staff our valued partners and supporters.

Our numerous and diverse projects are inspired, led and managed (with the support of our dedicated Foundation team) by passionate and energetic people from Kenton-on-Sea, Ekuphumleni, Marselle and Klipfontein and bring forth significant and positive results in the areas of early childhood development, youth development through sport and dance, enterprise development, education transformation, environmental education, domestic animal care and the conscious protection and preservation of our natural heritage, wild animals and plant life.

Our motivation is human kindness and our inspiration the beauty of creation of which we are all a part. The Kariega Foundation and all our partners and friends stand resolute in our commitment to leave a legacy of rejuvenation for our people, land and wildlife.

Kariega Foundation’s Guiding Principles

Kariega Game Reserve is surrounded by impoverished African communities and is the largest employer in the Kenton-on-Sea area. We are committed to conservation, responsible tourism, social upliftment and sustainable use of resources.

The Kariega Foundation, a non-profit trust, was born out of the desire to contribute to the upliftment of local communities, sustainable wildlife management and conservation. The Foundation works in collaboration with Kariega Game Reserve in these key areas.

The purpose of the Kariega Foundation is to enhance the well-being of local communities through enterprise development, education and youth development; and to be united in our efforts to protect and conserve the natural heritage of the Eastern Cape, particularly the Kariega wilderness.

The Kariega Foundation is guided and motivated by two African principles that have been embedded in our culture and way of life for centuries.

The Spirit of Ubuntu
The spirit of Ubuntu creates an environment of community kindness and support. It is the belief that when selfless acts of service contribute to the success and wellbeing of others that those acting kindly experience the benefits too. “I am what I am because of who we all are.”
You thrive. I thrive. We thrive.

Ubuhle Bendalo! The Beauty of Creation!
African people understand that everyone and everything is connected: the rivers and oceans, the mountains and grasslands, the animals and the people. When we see the beauty of this creation we treat all parts of it with respect and reverence.

It is the belief in our human capacity for kindness and service combined with the inspiration we glean from the beauty and cycles of the natural world that drives the Kariega Foundation forward in pursuit of achieving the objectives of each of our projects.

Thank you for your Help

The Kariega Foundation is very grateful to every Kariega Game Reserve guest who becomes our community and conservation partner via the Kariega Foundation conservation and community levy. All adult guests staying at Kariega pay a compulsory levy in addition to accommodation and other costs. These funds are invested directly into our community and conservation projects, which play an immediate role in the betterment of local livelihoods and conservation efforts.

We appreciate every contribution of resources, skills and funds given by guests, staff, volunteers, businesses, inspired adventurers and ordinary people who want to contribute and make a difference.

We have included some ways in which you can offer additional support to each individual project, if you wish. Please contact with questions or to request further information.

Community Upliftment

Kariega Foundation Community

Each of our collaborative community projects are planned and implemented in the following way to ensure a legacy of sustainability, accountability, empowerment and community pride:

  1. Community members initiate projects and offer their skills and resources. These usually include abilities, enthusiasm, leadership, planning, strategic thinking, problem solving and other physical resources.
  2. The Kariega Foundation contributes resources necessary to support and facilitate the projects. These usually include financial support, employment opportunities, upgrading facilities, up-skilling, mentoring and building human capacities.

Current Community Projects

Food Relief

While the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in all our lives, the impact is more devastating on the poor and vulnerable. The Kariega Foundation is working with eight existing community projects in our surrounding area. These include five soup kitchens and three facilities that care for the elderly. We need cash donations so these organisations can buy food for over 510 people.

Enterprise Development

A primary objective of the Kariega Foundation is the support of sustainable local enterprises that create jobs while building capacity and skills in people. Find out more about the Kariega Foundation enterprise development projects in partnership with local artist and potter Meshack and Makana Ceramics and the Aloes Tour Company.


We believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of our youth and that education is the vehicle to create opportunity and sustainable living. Our particular areas of engagement are Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Environmental Education (EE). Research shows that the most critical neurological development that lays the foundation for all learning takes place in the first five years of life, before a child has even entered into school. Find out more about the Kariega Foundation's ECD and EE projects.

Youth Development

We believe that the most effective way of unleashing the potential in our youth is to keep them active and positively engaged in life. The Kariega sports and dancing projects endeavour to achieve this by integrating Social Emotional Learning with both activities. Find out more about our youth development projects.

Wildlife Conservation

Kariega Foundation Rhino Conservation

Kariega Game Reserve boasts one of the most accomplished and inspiring conservation stories in the Eastern Cape, with as many as fifteen farms merging gradually to create the current, expansive conservancy. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to be the custodians of this African wilderness.

Through the conservation projects listed below we are wholeheartedly committed to protecting and preserving the animal, bird and plant life of the area and restoring the natural balance and beauty of Kariega Game Reserve.

Current Conservation Projects

Save the Rhino

Until guests are able to return, the Kariega Foundation’s core objective is to ensure that we have the funds to keep our Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) fully operational so that the rhino at Kariega remain protected.

The daily operating cost of the APU is R5,000 (US$340, €280 or £250). Our short-term focus is to raise R210,000 to cover these costs for six weeks until the end of May 2021.

No donation is too small. DONATE NOW or START A FUNDRAISER because… little bits make a LOT.

The Save the Rhino fund was launched in March 2012 after a terrible poaching incident which left one rhino dead and two severely injured. The fund was dedicated to providing the best possible medical care for the two survivors (Thandi and Themba). Sadly Themba passed away, but Thandi has pulled through with considerable care and medical support. The fund is now geared towards providing the best possible anti-poaching and protection methods possible. Find out more about the Save the Rhino fund and Anti-Poaching Unit.

Endemic and Scarce Species Research and Reintroductions

The gradual growth and development of the now expansive Kariega Game Reserve is one of the most accomplished conservation projects in the Eastern Cape. The Kariega Foundation and Kariega Game Reserve are pioneers in the development of a unique conservation project. Read about the current research and reintroduction projects.

African Barred Owlet Project

The African barred owlet is a small owl species that was first described in 1834 and since then has remained virtually undetected in the Eastern Cape. There have been very few recorded sightings of this elusive little bird of prey in this region. Find out more about the African barred owlet research project.

Alien and Indigenous Plant Management

Previous farming activities introduced many alien plant species including the prickly pear and black wattle. Find out more about our projects to eradicate exotic plants and also introduce indigenous and edible plants in local communities.

Our Partners

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Thandi's Story: Help Save our Rhino

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