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Guest video - Kariega Game Reserve

Baby Elephant Calf Video Kariega Game Reserve Eastern CapeThis wildlife and safari video was taken in 2007 by a Swedish family that visited Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape as part of their South African adventure. Although it is now a few years old, it still gives great insight into what the Kariega experience is all about - getting close up to big game, learning about and observing their behaviour and interaction with each other. Thank you to the Hansson family for sharing this video, we hope to see you back at the game lodge in the future.

Video of Kariega rhino - Thandi - in 2010 before poaching

Thandi In 2010This video was recently shared with us by Simon Jones of Helping Rhinos NGO. Simon spent 6 weeks with the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme in 2010, and got to spend time with Thandi and the other Kariega Rhino at the game park in South Africa. It was very special to see this footage of Thandi as she was before she was poached. Thank you so much Simon for sharing this footage with us.

Video - Kariega Photographic Adventure

Andrew Aveley Photo Adventure Kariega Game Reserve Video WildlifeThis week's wonderful wildlife video was created by Andrew Aveley and features some great footage of Kariega and the Eastern Cape. Andrew comments: "Kariega Game Reserve is one of the most exciting places to be in the Eastern Cape to enjoy quality wildlife and photography. From landscapes, lions, birds, rhinos and the Bushmans River estuary you can enjoy."

Video: 2 day old rhino with mother

Rhino Calf Kariega Game Reserve Eastern CapeWe were very pleased to find this video shared by Marjolein Westerterp featuring our newest addition (Zimela - Xhosa word meaning 'to be protected') when she was only 2 days old! The female rhino calf was born in March this year, exactly a year after Thandi and two other rhino were poached at Kariega Game Reserve. She has turned out to be quite the feisty one - apparent from another video taken of her at two months old in May.

Video: Mondorro and lion cubs feeding

Lion Feed With Cubs Video Kariega Game ReserveThis great video features Kariega male lion, Mondorro, and his cubs feeding on a young blesbok. Even if a kill is made by the females, the dominant male will eat his fill first before allowing others to join. Sometimes the males are more generous and allow the cubs to feed with him. Here, Mondorro shares with the cubs, but did not let his father, Full Mane, or the females to join in this feast.

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