Wildlife Updates

Playful Buffalo at Kariega

Cape Buffalo Eastern Kariega Game Reserve Playful  (4)While this series of entertaining photos shows a playful buffalo that appears to be nuzzling the game ranger in delight, Buffalos are in fact incredibly dangerous and often aggressive creatures that are able to do a lot of damage with their extremely powerful and large horns.

Guest experience with Black-backed Jackal

Caroline Ann Evans Kariega JackalKariega guest Rowan Seagers recently sent us a great image of a jackal sighting, commenting: “My visit to Kariega was much too short! I went out on game drive with Tayla and she managed to find us 4 different white rhino, a black rhino, a herd of elephants, plenty of antelope and general game, and one of my highlights, this jackal attempting to hunt guinea fowl...

Birds on the River - Kariega Game Reserve

Flamingos Bird Eastern Cape Bushman's River Kariega Game ReserveKariega Game Reserve South Africa is lucky to have two tidal estuaries that run through the reserve. The Kariega and Bushman's River attract some incredible birdlife. Whether you are an avid birder, or looking for something special on your African safari you can enjoy the Kariega river cruises, spend time on safari finding and identifying birds with a skilled ranger (on foot or in an open 4x4 safari vehicle), or take a short boat trip to the Kenton-on-Sea to see birds of the coast.

A thief in the night: Large-spotted Genet in the Eastern Cape

Large Spotted Genet Eastern Cape Kariega Game ReserveWhen we came downstairs in the morning it was obvious that there had been an intruder during the night. Scattered about on the stairs and across the carpet were banana peels, and the fruit bowl was empty. A hurried appraisal of the contents of the house failed to show anything, other than the fruit, that was missing. I breathed a sigh of relief and began wondering who the visitor might be.

Birding Day 2013 - Barred Owlet in the Eastern Cape

Barred Owlet Eastern Cape Kariega Game Reserve3In celebration of National Birding Day today we would like to share some information on a rarely spotted bird that was recently photographed at Kariega Game Reserve by our headranger Jason Friend. The Barred Owlet is known for it's scattered and isolated populations, and their occurrence in the Eastern Cape is particularly intriguing.

Video: 2 day old rhino with mother

Rhino Calf Kariega Game Reserve Eastern CapeWe were very pleased to find this video shared by Marjolein Westerterp featuring our newest addition (Zimela - Xhosa word meaning 'to be protected') when she was only 2 days old! The female rhino calf was born in March this year, exactly a year after Thandi and two other rhino were poached at Kariega Game Reserve. She has turned out to be quite the feisty one - apparent from another video taken of her at two months old in May.

Playfighting between two elephants at Kariega

Elephant Playfight Video Kariega Game Reserve Eastern CapeFor the third time in a row, our featured video blog was taken by Marjolein Westerterp who spent time with us at Kariega Game Reserve in May 2013. This video features some beautiful close up footage of interaction between two Kariega elephants right in front of the safari vehicle. They begin by eyeing out the group for a few moments and then proceed to have a friendly tussle with each other.

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